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Botfront Cloud

The power of Rasa in a managed SaaS environment.

Augment Rasa with solutions-oriented features and implement advanced support and marketing use cases.

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Support and Onboarding Bots

Provide your employees and customers with support for any software at scale with step-by-step on-screen guidance.

Engage and Generate Leads

Create smart triggers to start conversations proactively with visitors based on their behavior and browsing history.


Get quantitative insights on your visitors, and qualitative information about their conversations.

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Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-grade and collaborative features for large organizations.

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Role-based access control

Our Roles UI allows to create and edit roles that fit your organization.

Audit Trail

Keep track of every action performed by users of the platform.

Custom installation

Botfront can either be used on the cloud, or installed on your own servers.

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