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Advanced topics

Explicit domain declaration

An important part of developing and maintaining a Rasa virtual assistant is keeping domain files up to date. Thankfully, Botfront makes this easier by automatically parsing the contents of your stories and extracting the different actions, entities, slots, etc. referenced within.

However, it’s not always possible to infer everything that needs to go into the domain. For example, you might need to invoke a custom action, which in turn invokes another action, or makes use of a slot.

Default domain management

Linking a story to itself

Linking a story to itself is only available on a story that has branches. For example, this can be used to create a menu dialogue, with a “go back” option looping back to the start of the story. However, when using this feature, the story that is linking to itself also needs to be a destination story of another story, that will serve as an introduction story to the loop. Otherwise, the self linking story would not be reachable.

Schema of a self linking story (Menu story) with an intro story:

Self linking schema

A sample self-linked story:

Self-linked story