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Import a Rasa or Rasa X project

You can easily import a Rasa or Rasa X project in Botfront. Head to the Settings menu (left sidebar), select Import/Export, Import and choose Rasa / Rasa X.

Once you have imported your files your stories will be accessible in the visual story editor.

Export to Rasa or Rasa X

You can export the conversations created with Botfront to an existing Rasa / Rasa X project. Head to the Settings menu (left sidebar), select Import/Export, and choose Rasa / Rasa X.

When you export a project, links and branches are preserved in the `md` files so you can re-import these files and keep your nicely orgni.

You will get a zip file containing all the files required files:

|- data/
|- config.yml
|- credentials.yml
|- domains.yml
|- endpoints.yml

A few things to keep in mind:


Consider removing Botfront specific NLU components, such as rasa_addons.nlu.components.gazette.Gazette.

Credentials and endpoints

You probably don’t need to change them, or if you need to keep credentials from Botfront, be sure to keep the rasa and rest fields from the credentials.yml provided by Rasa X.