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Authoring conversations
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Proactive conversations

Getting started

Botfront is a fully featured conversational platform built on top of Rasa with intuitive interfaces to create context-aware virtual assistants.

Botfront exposes all native Rasa building blocks (rules, stories, forms) in a convenient and intuitive user interface. It is important to note that in order to supports Botfront core features, such as forms flowchart UI and multilingualism,

Botfront requires a forked version of Rasa that we maintain. Botfront will not work with canonical Rasa, but you can always export your projects from Botfront if you want to use it with the standard Rasa runtime.

The next sections will guide you through the authoring features of the platform, and since Botfront relies on Rasa, we recommend you to read the Rasa documentation in depth as well.

If you find any error or wish to propose improvements, we welcome pull requests. Just use the buttons below to edit the documentation and start the PR process.

Whatโ€™s next?

Install Botfront on your local machine, on remote servers or clusters

The Conversation Builder and Conversation Context sections explain in depth how stories and slot work.

The Forms and Business Logic section explain forms in depth, including how to orchestrate them in stories.

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