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Available in: Cloud Pro Cloud Premium Enterprise Edition


Proactive conversations are only available on your website with the Botfront chat widget.

Engage with users based on browsing behavior

Use case example: an insurance company have a special offer for customers subscribing a bundled home and car policy. They want to engage with users browsing both home insurance and car insurance product pages.

You can do that by creating a trigger with browsing history:

Stories with triggers do not need to start with a user message

Since trigger stories are initiated by the virtual assistant, they can start with a bot response. However, if you want to make the same story accessible from a user message you can start it with a user utterance or payload.

Enforce a sequence

The example above does not require that pages are visited in a particular order. We are simply looking for an interest in both products. If order matters to you, check this option:

Partial or full match

By default, all subsequent paths will be matched. For example, the url .../policies/home/condos would activate the trigger. If you don’t want that you can uncheck this option:

Protocol, host, and port

Protocol, host, and port are always ignored. Which means that if you set http://localhost:8000/product/features it will also match

Engage with returning visitors

Example use case: visitors returning several times on the pricing page of a Saas company might be interested in scheduling a demo.

The following video shows how to engage with a user coming on for the third time, after staying 15 seconds on the page:

Number of page visits vs. website visits.

If you set 3 website visits, the assistant will engage at the third visit regardless of the page. If you set 3 page visits without specifying a URL, the assistant will engage everytime you visit a page on the site for the third time.

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