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A very common use case of chatbots and virtual assistants consists in providing first-line support in web applications.

By integrating the Botfront Assistant chat widget in your website or web application, you can provide users (customers or employees) an unprecedented level of automated assistance with contextual oon screen instructions.

This assistance can be delivered in two ways:

  • On demand: a tutorial is launched when a users explicitly asks for assistance.
  • Proactively: a tutorial is offered to onboard and train users on new features.

The backbone of Botfront remains conversational: creating tutorials is just about adding visual hooks to stories.

No coding required

Like all Botfront features, powerful tutorials can be created from our intuitive conversational interface without coding required.
However, Botfront is an open and developers friendly platform. Those willing to tap into this potential will open a limitless range of possibilities in online software training.

Support & Help desk

Because Botfront is conversational and comes with an advanced natural language understanding engine, you can easily hook a tutorial to a question and train your assistant to help with hundreds of issues:

Onboarding and Training

You can also onboard users to new features with tutorials that will be proactively offered to users

You can create very flexible conditions to offer a tutorial to a given user with the proactive conversation features.