Authoring conversations
Configuring channels
On screen guidance
Proactive conversations
On your local machineRequirementsInstall the Botfront CLICreate a new projectStart BotfrontSetup your projectOn servers or clustersUsing the CLIMigration guide



Botfront has a few technical requirements. See them here.

  • Linux or macOS (Windows may work but is not officially supported yet, help is welcome)
  • Chrome (some issues with other browsers)
  • A recent version of Docker
  • A recent version of Node.js

Install the Botfront CLI

npm install -g botfront

Create a new project

botfront init

Botfront will prompt you for a folder name if the current directory is not empty

Start Botfront

botfront up

When installation is completed, Botfront will propose you to create your first project.

At any time, you can access the Botfront menu to create or run a project by running botfront in your shell.

Setup your project

Botfront Cloud

If you want to focus on your product rather than dealing with deployment issues we offer a managed service with managed deployments, separate development and production environments, and many premium features including analytics. You can contact us from our pricing page to have more information.