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Chat widget on your website

Install the widget on your website

Install the Chat Widget on your website. You will find installation instructions by following the link. It can be installed either as a React Component or as a plain javascript snippet.

Configure the channel

This channel is configured by default when you run Botfront locally with the CLI.

  1. Go to Settings -> Credentials
  2. If you install Botfront on a remote server. set base_url to the public url where the Rasa API can be reached.
session_persistence: true
base_url: "" # set this to the Rasa service host
socket_path: "/"

Page specific intro message

You can also specify different intros/welcome messages depending on the page the conversation starts at. For example, if a user opens the bot on a pricing page, you can set a different intro than the homepage in the initPayload:

initPayload: '/get_started_home',
initPayload: '/get_started_pricing',

All you have to do is create 2 different stories, one starting with * get_started_home and another one with * get_started_pricing. You can use the Intro Stories feature to group these stories and easily test them in Botfront