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Install a chat widget on your website

Botfront provides a feature-rich chat widget you can use on your website. The Rasa Webchat you can enrich your conversations with:

  • Text, buttons, and quick replies
  • Images
  • Carousels
  • Typing indicator

Install the Chat Widget on your website. You will find installation instructions by following the link. It can be installed either as a React Component or as a plain javascript snippet.

Configure the channel

This channel is configured by default when you run Botfront locally with the CLI.

  1. Go to Settings -> Credentials
  2. If you install Botfront on a remote server. set base_url to the public url where the Rasa API can be reached.
session_persistence: true
base_url: "" # set this to the Rasa service host
socket_path: "/"

Page specific intro message

You can also specify different intros/welcome messages depending on the page the conversation starts at. For example, if a user opens the bot on a pricing page, you can set a different intro than the homepage in the initPayload:

initPayload: '/get_started_home',
initPayload: '/get_started_pricing',

All you have to do is create 2 different stories, one starting with * get_started_home and another one with * get_started_pricing. You can use the Intro Stories feature to group these stories and easily test them in Botfront