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Automated conversation flow testing in rasa

Botfront provides automated conversation flow testing to enable quick validation of existing your flows.

The BotRegressionTesting channel simulates a user having a conversation with your chatbot. It validates that the text of each user event in a conversation is parsed with the same intents and entities, and that the bot responses generated from a test run match the bot responses in the test.

Configure the channel

This channel is configured by default when you run Botfront locally with the CLI.

  1. Go to Settings -> Credentials
  2. Add the following to the yaml
rasa_addons.core.channels.bot_regression_test.BotRegressionTestInput: {}

Test story format

Test stories must be a sequence of user events and bot utterances in yaml format.

Each user event must have a user key which contains the message that will be parsed by rasa. You can refer to the following example test story.

- user: /get_started
entities: []
intent: get_started
- action: utter_get_started
- user: good morning
- entity: timeOfDay
value: morning
start: 5
end: 12
intent: chitchat.greet
- action: utter_hi