Introducing a Flow Chart Editor for Rasa Forms

Introducing a Flow Chart Editor for Rasa Forms

Enforcing strong business logic has always been a challenge with Rasa. You can address that with Rasa forms: in Rasa 1.x, you could implement the required_slots method in your FormAction. In Rasa 2.x, you need to do this through the validation actions.

In both cases, complex business logic will result in convoluted and hard to read and hard to change code.

This is why we are introducing a flow chart editor for Rasa forms, allowing anyone, not just developer to create complex forms.

It allows to create forms with conditional logic: you can branch your form with the IF buttons, and set absurdly complex sets of conditions with the condition editor:

condition editor

And core reatures remain available: you can easily configure slot mappings for each slot:

slot mappings

And of course you can validate user response and define error (or success!) messages:

slot validation

You can find more details including in-depth videos in our documentation. The flow chart editor for Rasa forms is currently only available in Botfront Cloud and Botfront Enterprise