Botfront 0.19 - Better responses, more channels, improved development experience

This version brings a lot of exciting improvements, especially with bot responses. Bot responses are easier to use, can have images, have variations, and can change how the Rasa Webchat behaves on your website.

Control the Rasa Webchat Behavior from the Messages

You can add metadata to messages to:

  • open or close the chat widget on your website
  • open links in the current tab or in a new tab
  • enable, disable or hide the user input to force the use of buttons. 


Bot Responses Variations

Add a human touch to your bot with random variations: you bot will randomly pick a response so if a user repeats the same request (s)he doesn't have the exact same response.


Bot responses with images

Add images directly to your stories


Multichannel: 9 new channels available

Botfront comes with 2 channels:

If you bot only speak one language, all channels supported by Rasa (Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Microsoft Bot Framework, Cisco Webex Teams, RocketChat, Mattermost) will work out of the box.

If you want to use one of these channels with a multilingual bots, you need to implement it, but the good news is that it's very easy, and we provide an example here.

Finer Grained Export

Now you can export only parts of your projects so you can move your data more easily from one project to another.


Improved Development Experience

Botfront watches file changes: you can now add arbitrary files containing custom actions in the actions folder. Your actions will be available in Botfront each time you save. More information here.

A major benefit of Rasa is it flexibility and the ability to extend it with custom components, policies and connectors. Botfront makes now this process super easy.