Automate Software Support And Onboarding

With Virtual Assistants Understanding Questions And Resolving Issues Onscreen.

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Automated Support

Give employees and users instant support. Our NLP engine understands questions and users receive step-by-step instructions onscreen until their issue is resolved.

User Onboarding

Create interactive walkthroughs for new customers and new hires and get users fully productive on day one. Expose new features to current users.

Scale Training and Cut Costs

Unless repeated multiple times, up to 70% of the content of a training session is forgotten within 24 hours. Botfront AI assistants are always on call to repeat forgotten content.

Easy Integration

Integrate Botfront in 5 minutes by adding a Javascript snippet to your existing website.

No Coding Required

Craft conversational walkthroughs and train NLP using our intuitive graphical interface.

Works with any Web App

Botfront works with any software application that runs in a browser, including Jira and Salesforce.

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